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Welcome to my blog ‘Trendmebeauty’! My name is Merryl and I’m so happy to see you here! I live in the suburbs of beautiful British Columbia, Canada about 45 minutes away from the commonly known and popular city of Vancouver.
I have always loved art in school but originally grew up wanting to be a nurse. But, the thought of seeing sick people daily, made me rethink my career goals. That’s how I became an esthetician. I wanted to help people feel and look good about themselves. So I graduated as an Esthetician in 2005. I started blogging as an outlet for me to be able to share reviews, tips, and tutorials on beauty related stuff like skincare and makeup. After a year of blogging, I decided to expand my horizons because I didn’t want to be stuck with 1 niche. I also love crafts, traveling, food and photography, so I decided to post about a wide range of topics to share with you, my lovely readers.
For those of you who are here for the Business/Influencer side of stuff, I’m also going to be sharing a lot of tips on starting a business, all things blogging – from how to start one, to monetizing your blog to marketing using Social Media. So if you’re on the fence and want to get more information on that, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and get updates on recent posts as soon as they get published.
I’ve recently launched my own shop called ‘Lavished Collection‘, which allows me to use my creative outlet and design my own items. It will be an outlet for me to share Blogging and Business tips, so make sure you go check it out!
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