How to change your hair color without the damage

Want to know How to change your hair color without the damage?’ Is this even possible? Of course it is! Just use Wigs…or Extensions. I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen them around. I know, that’s an obvious answer. But, let me tell you where you can get them for cheap so you can try some out and get the feel of them.



Since I was 16, I’ve been dyeing and bleaching my hair to change my look almost every season. I still remember the first time I did this, using the good ole ‘Sun-in’. Remember that? Just spray it all over and achieve lighter hair color instantly. Can you believe it’s still for sale in stores? I feel like grabbing a couple just as memorabilia. My cousin bought one and showed me how it worked, he was trying to get the then ‘frosted tips’ look. That was the trendy hair style in the 90’s, popular with the boy bands, like N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Ugh I’m dating myself here! Anyways, long story short, I started dyeing, cutting and getting permanent chemical treatments, at least 3x a year since. Back then hair straighteners weren’t available to non-professionals and so I had to use regular clothing iron. To be honest, I’m surprised I still have a full head of hair on my head. Most people think I still have thick hair now, but compared to what I started with, I feel like it’s only half as thick as it used to be.

Everytime I look at other girls’ hairstyles, I have this urge to change mine. Until I see another hairstyle, then I wanna change it again. Oh man what a process! So, early last year (2016), I decided to give my hair a break. With the exception of root touch ups for my grey hair, I made a decision to give it a break for a bit. At least til all the chemically processed hair has grown out. I researched wigs and seen a lot of Instagrammers post some really nice hair color in varying styles, but only to find out how expensive they can get. We can’t all splurge a couple hundreds for a wig. That’s when I checked Amazon, and as usual, I read reviews and pictures from other people who bought the same items I liked and decided to pick out a few for myself.


Below are my pictures, taken with the wigs I purchased and links to where you can get the exact ones:


28″ Big Wavy Hair Cosplay Wig (Pink)

29″ eNilecor 2 Tones Blonde mixed Auburn Highlights Wig
Black, Long, Curly Clip on Hair Extensions
(Product link shows item currently not avail, but check out this similar one here)
22″ K’ryssma Ombre Gray 2 Tones Lace Front Wig

Overall, the cost of all the above wigs and extensions combined are less than $150 USD. That’s about the cost of 1 high end wig, on sale. Sidenote, if you’re looking for high end, excellent quality, human hair like wigs that you need to use daily, then I do not recommend these. I mean technically yes you can use them daily if you’re up for it. The wigs above are synthetic and can look very shiny and unnatural. But, you can dull the shine by adding powder all over and wear a cap or hair accessory to make it look more natural. How you style it can really make a difference. If you’re a seasonal hair damager like me, and you wanna give your hair a break, then this is a very great option. The above wigs are very affordable and super fun to play with.


Looking for high end, great quality products instead? Here are some popular recommendations:

Bombay Hair


Powder Room D


Everyday Wigs


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